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Hi Team,

One more for you to digest - I'm working on player aids to help streamline the Tactical Action Rounds process.
The first of these was the QuickRef.
Next is the accompanying (even briefer) Player Aid.
Following, would be cards for each possible Action...tangible items to choose from, remind players what they chose, and upon which modifiers can be piled (I'm imagining poker chips with various + or - sums...e.g., -4) to aid resolution.

I've taken a stab at designing cards using the same color-coding and symbology as the Tactical rounds Player Aid.
I'll post a PNG over at (under Dominion Rules 3.x rulebook files section).

NOTE: These posts will take a day or three to clear the moderator system at RPG Geek (Geekdo) if you don't see them, give it a day or two. I'll post links when they're available.

August 11, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterVince

I've posted a draft of some play aids...a Tactical Action Round Stage summary and Tactical Action Round cards for combat and movement.

Three play aids
A) Tactical Action Rounds QuickRef (a text summary of the Stages and key actions in them)
B) Tactical Action Rounds Stage Player Aid (shorthand form of the text-only QuickRef) - use a bead or coin to mark where you are in the Round, also an at-a-glance modifier checklist.
C) Tactical Action Round Cards - players lay these on the table during the strategy phase to represent character actions.

Actually, two sets of Action Round Cards:
1) Pages 1/2 and 2/2 which include the four combat-relevant priest skills drawn up on cards - available for download now at (see below for more navigational details).
2) A 1-page condensation of combat/movement tactical actions cards (assuming you use Strike for both Strike and Missile Strike) - still in moderation, expect these to arrive on the site in a day or two.

Using the cards. The idea is that during the Strategy phase, in timing order, each player would lay down the cards representing the actions their character intends to take. During the modifier phase, chips or chits could be tossed onto these cards to reflect cumulative penalties/bonuses- then defensive actions resolved, sending more modifiers to those attacking the defending character. Finally, in the resolution phase, the remaining actions (color-coded for quick identification) are resolved in reverse timing order.

Purpose for the cards. The goal was to make the standard options obvious by providing physical manipulatives to represent the actions and to which modifiers can be applied, theoretically speeding and simplifying action round stage resolution. I'll let you know as I test it out...please feel free to review the card text and point out any changes you feel might be appropriate.

Number of core cards.Given that a player can do simultaneous actions, each player might want 2 or 3 copies of the 9 core cards to provide flexibility. Sharing a 10-copy deck of each card type between players is certainly an option, or players could customize their own 2 or 3-copy decks with personalized artwork on the backs of their own cards.

File location.The files can be found at (search for Dominion Rules, then select the Dominion Rules 3.x Rulebook, the files will be down the page in the file section). Expect the 1-page combat/movement cards to take another day or two to clear moderation and be posted.

August 20, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterVince