A little love from

As you can tell, I don't update this site often! I created Dominion Rules years ago and have since moved on to other projects. But I'm still fond of it and like to keep it online for people to discover.

I've just noticed that DR has been getting some love on the forums. That's so nice to see. Check out this thread: I have found my Holy Grail. :)

Thanks for the kind words everyone!


Check out the new Wargames Foundry web site 

The Wargames Foundry has been the place to go for historical miniatures for decades. But its web site has been a bit of a mess--until now. Check out the new and much improved Wargames Foundry web site!


Dominion Rules on

There is a new thread about Dominion Rules in the forums. A few of the contributors mention that DR doesn't get as much attention as it should. If you're a fan, why not head over to and join the discussion? It would be great to increase the visibility of the game, and is a great resource for all sorts of RPGs and other games.


HTML5 coming to Scribd

Those of you who have complained (quite understandably) about the Flash-based Scribd app on the front page of our web site will be happy to know that Scribd has announced it is moving to HTML5. The move should happen in the next two months, apparently. I look forward to offering the same handy preview of Dominion Rules without the bugginess of Flash.


Classic 1950s show The Adventures of Robin Hood now at Internet Archive!

Many episodes of one of the great old TV shows, The Adventures of Robin Hood (recommended elsewhere on the DR web site), are now available from the Internet Archive. Here's a sample:

And here's the link.