Reviews of Dominion Rules 3.0

"You might as well torch your columns of AD&D and run Dominion instead....Dominion feels like a life work. It has that maturity and depth of a game that has evolved, aged and tightened over time. What throws me about Dominion is that it's nearly a complete game!..."

The Free RPG Blog

"...thank you very much for the Dominion Rules. I haven't role played in years, and I was looking for a way to get started again with my children. My kids wanted to play a basic fantasy setting, and my initial reaction was that I would dust off my old Third Edition of RuneQuest and play that. However, the old (perfect bound) book is thrashed, and the rules to RuneQuest are too involved for my kids anyway. My oldest is 10. I needed something relatively simple.

"To make a long story somewhat shorter Dominion Rules fit the bill perfectly. I bought each of my kids a twelve sided die in their favorite color. I helped them make up characters and I spent a bit of time retooling an old adventure I had lying around to fit Dominion Rules.

"The rulebook is easy (and fun) to read, and the examples are super helpful. I spent more time trying to remember how RuneQuest worked so that I could play it again than I did learning to play Dominion Rules.

"Seriously, well done."

Comment left on the DR News page, 22 May 2009

"I have found my Holy Grail. :)

"I looked at Dominion Rules early on its development when it was pretty much just another man's D&D, but decided to take another look last month when I saw that it was available in print from Lulu. And it's changed a bunch from what I recall. Now it's more of a tool kit approach to fantasy, designed to be compatible with many different settings, and I think it works for that. Of particular interest to me are the detailed rules for monster creation (something sorely lacking from damn near all traditional fantasy RPGs I've come into contact with) and the emphasis on verisimilitude in combat (yes, I know, BAD WRONG FUN). It kind of reads like Harnmaster without the complexity (or at least without the giant list of abbreviations) and with more dials and knobs for adjusting the rule set to Your Favorite Setting."

Post on forums, 31 July 2012


"Right on! I just rediscovered Dominion Rules too, about a month ago! It's fantastic. I'd read a review for it eons ago at The Free RPG Blog and forgot about it. Then a short time ago, I was researching different skill-focused fantasy RPGs for my stepson and stumbled across Dominion Rules again. I'm deeply impressed with it and very excited to run it."

Reply to above-noted post on forums, 31 July 2012

Reviews of Dominion Rules 2.0

“I've been looking for a set of simple, flexible rules...I think I've found my solution....That's right, I said free. And no, it doesn't suck. Check out the Dominion Rules if you're looking for a simple, rules light, generic fantasy system.” 


"If you haven't checked out [Dominion Rules], shame on you! You owe it to yourself and your gaming group to give this game a try. Now, before I go farther, there is an old saying that you get what you pay for. With a free game, that usually means less than nothing. This is not the case with Dominion.... I'm biased as all get out over this free product and I think you will kick yourself if you buy a new system without looking at this one first. After all, when it's all said and done, do you really need a specific company's logo on a book cover to validate your gaming? Give Dominion a look. You won't be sorry."


“All in all, I highly recommend taking a look at the Dominion Rules 2.0 system. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it an 8 for playability due to its simple yet very well designed system of mechanics.” 

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