Dominion Rules now available in print from Lulu

A paperback, perfect-bound, print version of Dominion Rules is now on sale from Lulu for only US$11.99. To get your copy, just click here. Rest assured that DR continues to be absolutely free to download. DR will stay free. But if you want the convenience of a printed copy, here it is at a very reasonable price. 

New page: Web site suggestions

The Dominion Rules web site has added a new page offering suggested web sites for DR fans. For the moment, however, the list is pretty meagre. If you have some suggestions for good web resources that will likely be of interest to DR players, please let us know! 



Dominion Rules 3.1 in print?

I'm considering putting together a Lulu-printed version of Dominion Rules (see if you're not familiar with it). Would you buy it? And what do you think it should look like?

Please visit our forums and post any feedback you have on the question, "What would you like to see in a Lulu printed version of DR?" Here's the link:

Thanks for your feedback! 


Dominion Rules 3.1 out now

Version 3.1 of the Dominion Rules roleplaying system is now available!

Dominion Rules (DR) is a simple yet comprehensive rules system for historical and fantasy roleplaying. Based entirely on the 12-sided die, DR features elegant game-play and fresh approaches to familiar concepts such as combat, magic and religion. DR is free to download from this web site. Just click here.

This new version of Dominion Rules has been reformatted for easier printing. DR now weighs in at 231 pages rather than over 300 as in the previous version. Apart from the formatting, this version features a number of minor improvements, including streamlined magic rules and a reorganized combat chapter. Apart from these changes, many other minor changes have been made to improve gameplay. 


What to expect from DR 3.1

Version 3.1 of Dominion Rules will be ready soon. Here is a short preview of what to expect. 

As the version number suggests, this will not be a wholesale revision of Dominion Rules. Instead, DR 3.1 consists of a large number of minor improvements and corrections, both to the rules themselves and to their presentation. Here are some examples:

  • The entire rulebook has been redesigned to be easier to print. The text is smaller (though still very readable) and the margins are tighter, leaving less white space on each page. The overall feel is still clean and readable (hopefully), but the new version will weigh in around 220 pages (compared to 300+ in the current version).
  • The rules now more clearly demarcate the differences between fantasy and historical roleplaying, including which rules are applicable in fantasy dominions only versus those applicable in both historical dominions and fantasy dominions.
  • The chapters about witchcraft have been reorganized into three (instead of four) and are now easier to follow.
  • The descriptions of Combat Skills have been revised to match those of all other DR Skills (Description, Skill Roll Rules, Failure Rules). 
  • Weapons and armour stats have been tweaked to better reflect the historical differences between these items. 
  • Rules for horses and horsemanship have been improved to better reflect how such beasts were used in historical warfare. 
  • A large number of typos, math errors and uncorrected leftovers from previous versions have been corrected. 

Apart from these changes, many other minor changes have been made to improve gameplay. 

DR 3.1 should be available in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!